Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle at Regenerative Leadership Institute

You transform your yard from a boring, unimaginative expanse of grass into a thriving organic garden overflowing with vegetables and fruits to feed your body and soul. You learn how to work with the earth’s resources to reduce your own impact. You free yourself from the chains of fossil-fueled drudgery. Does this sound like an impossible dream? It’s not! It’s the goal of Regenerative Leadership Institute.

Regenerative Leadership Institute courses teach you how to do and be all you desire. These classes show you how to turn your respect for nature into a sustainable life. This idea of sustainable living and working with natural resources is the heart of the science of permaculture. Regenerative Leadership Institute is the premier educator of permaculture living. Their goal is to instruct individuals how to create a sustainable lifestyle for themselves and eventually their community.

Regenerative Leadership Institute – Sustainable Living Education

Sustainable living education seeks to move an individual from a natural resources user to one who seeks to reduce their consumption. Learning how to feed yourself organically, build extremely energy efficient buildings, reduce and re-utilize waste, and how to become a part of the rhythm and flow of nature is the goal of Regenerative Leadership Institute. In courses taught by Regenerative Leadership Institute you’ll meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for creating sustainable living environments.

Real Experiential Education in Community Building

Regenerative Leadership Institute courses aren’t just stuffy, classroom experiences. These are hands-on classes where doing is a major part of the learning. The ultimate learning experience comes through the seat of a bicycle. Regenerative Leadership Institute sponsors several long-distance bicycle tours that teach you how to leave behind fossil-fueled transportation. These sustainable living tours are geared for beginner and intermediate cyclists. This is an intensive week filled with a wide array of experiences. You’ll learn how to transport yourself long distances, building muscles, confidence and self-reliance at the same time. You’ll tour organic farms and communities that not only preach sustainable living, they practice it. You’ll fuel your body with incredibly tasty and healthy food and by week’s end you’ll have a completely new passion for developing sustainable living communities.

Join us at Regenerative Leadership Institute and Change Your Life

If your desire is to improve your life, improve your environment and deepen your relationship with the natural world, Regenerative Leadership Institute is ready to help you. Learning and practicing the art of sustainable living in daily life is something everyone needs. Our ancestors understood the necessity of working with nature. It’s time we did too.

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