Benefits of Greywater Re-use

Greywater refers to waste water from households that does not contain fecal matter in it. So technically, it is all the waste water from the house watering system, that is the kitchen, shower and other such systems, except the toilet. This water can be re-used in outside gardens and to water other plant systems directly from the house. Systems can be installed through which the water can be piped directly to the plants outside or to a reservoir tank from which there can then be controlled watering of the plants to minimize waste. Greywater has a lot of benefits and these include;

Water Treatment Costs and Resource Reduction

When the water is pumped into the septic water systems, the end goal is usually to recycle it by filtering, purifying and treating it so that it can then be pumped back for use at home. These processes usually take up a lot of resources. Chemicals for purification, larger reservoir tanks maintenance costs and cleaning costs, lots of energy costs and not to mention the amount of energy required to pump the water back to the whole population. By re-using greywater, the amount of water that goes into the purification systems is reduced and gradually, with more and more re-use, the effects can be felt. There is an overall reduction in the costs and energy required to recycle the water.

Encourages Eco Friendly Living

Normally, we do not always pay attention to the eco friendliness of what we use in the house. Certain chemicals, such as the ones found in detergents, are harmful to the environment. By re-using greywater however, one becomes more aware of the impact of the toxicity or lack thereof of the things used within the household. In the long run, the re-use of greywater encourages less and less use of toxic substances and an adoption of eco friendly techniques.

Reduces septic system overload

Constant use of septic systems eventually takes its toll on them. With more and more water draining into these systems, and a reduced capacity in the efficiency of recycling the water and pumping it back, the septic systems experience an overload. Every once in a while a septic tank may blow open and this is a sanitation nightmare. By reducing the amount of waste water flowing into these systems  through greywater re-using, you contribute to the reduction of the septic system overload.

More information on greywater, its uses, systems that can be used and more benefits can be learnt at the Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute.

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