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5 Things to Know Before Buying Mulch

When you put some mulch over the soil where your plants sit, there are numerous benefits. Mulch insulates and keeps the temperature steady thus shielding the roots from hot spells and cold snaps. It prevents the moisture in the soil from evaporating, so you water your plants fewer times. You can decide to make mulch with the necessary materials or buy some. Take a look at some things you should mull over when you want to purchase mulch.

  • The Source

Most organic mulches that are sold commercially except straw are byproducts from the lumber sector. Mulches from great home-improvement stores and garden centers or mulches from trustworthy landscape supply corporations are most likely safe and clean. Inexpensive bags of mulch may have waste with toxic materials, lead paint, and metals.

  • Its Purpose

When choosing mulch, bear in mind the plant on which you intend to you use it. Shredded hardwood that has a medium texture can work in most areas. However, when you want a permanent mulch for example around trees, large chunks such as pine bark nuggets are more durable. For your vegetable bed, fluffy mulch that can decompose easily such as straw is ideal.

  • Bag or Bulk?

Commercial mulch is usually in bags or truckloads. The mulch in bags can be more expensive, but it is simpler to handle, particularly if you have no space for piles of bulky mulch. Buying in bags is beneficial in that you can purchase various types of mulches for different purposes. If you only have a small garden that you only need to refresh, a bag would be a perfect choice. You can learn about where to order bulk mulch from Open Permaculture and Regenerative Leadership Institute.

Bulk mulch requires some labor as you may have to shovel a full wheelbarrow to where you need it and then empty the mulch around your plants. The prices of the mulch vary so when shopping, let the seller know what the purpose of the mulch is and estimate the price of the material they suggest for that purpose. Remember the delivery distance may have an impact on the cost.

  • Prices

Before buying mulch, take some time to visit various garden stores so that you can compare the prices. When buying bags, remember to confirm the return policy of the store from which you purchase. Most stores often allow you to give back any extra bags of unopened mulch in case you buy too many of them.