GMO Wheat From a Decade Ago Has Emerged in Oregon


A farmer from Oregon has discovered that he accidently planted GMO wheat in his field. Later on it is tested by the USDA and determined to be a seed developed by agricultural biotech company Monsanto. Many European nations that import food from the U.S our food have raised concerns about GMO wheat as GM crops are banned in Europe. Although it is not scientifically proven that genetically modified foods have any harmful effects, but still risk is involved in human health. This kind of incident has negatives effects for trading of crops between nations and the question arises that how this seeds get there and will the government do something about GMO testing and labeling.

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N-FIX: The Technology That Enables Crops To Take Nitrogen From Air


There are only a small number of plants which have the capacity to obtain nitrogen from the air with the help of some bacteria which can fix nitrogen naturally. But the greater part of plants have to attain nitrogen by using synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, which is very harmful for the environment. Professor Edward Cocking from The University of Nottingham has developed an exceptional method of inserting nitrogen fixing bacteria directly into the plant roots which make the plants take nitrogen from the air. The technology is known as N-Fix and provides a sustainable and strong solution to overuse of fertilizer and Nitrogen pollution. This technology is licensed to Azotic technology Ltd. and will be commercially available with 2-3 years.

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In the U.S. Young Rural Kids are Encouraged to Build up an Interest in Science Before They Become Farmers


In America, the rural kids are taught how to build rockets before they become real farmers. They get primary knowledge of science at an early age. You can see rockets built by children in different country fairs in agricultural lands. An organization named 4-H is behind these launches. They provide scientific knowledge and help in shaping the character of the kids. People in other lands think farmers are uneducated but 4-H is proving them wrong. American farmers think differently and that’s why they have advanced in this sector. They use GM crops and all the necessary scientific technologies for a better yield. With initiative by 4-H and an early interest in science and technology, they will grow more.

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Have You Ever Thought of Tomatoes and Potatoes Growing Together in One Plant? Hard to Believe But it’s True


One of UK’s largest Horticultural Mail Order “Thompson & Morgan” has launched a very innovative plant called “TomTato”, which is a plant that produces potatoes and tomatoes in the same time at one plot in a pot. These plants are not genetically modified plants but are natural and hand-grafted by highly skilled persons. A single plant can produce 500 sweet cherry tomatoes while producing potatoes at the same time. After 15 years of experiments, the Company has produced the plant in commercial basis for £14.99 each. These plants can be grown easily indoors or outdoors, in a large pot or bag.

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Have you heard about the new protein SUMO that stimulates plant growth and increases Crop yields?


Growth repression in plants is caused due to a hormone called Gibberellin which destroys the growth oriented proteins in the plants. This can be a major problem in cultivation if the crops suffer from growth repression due to adverse weather conditions, such as water shortage or high salt content in the soil, in order to save energy. But a research team, led by the Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology, including experts at the University of Warwick have discovered an interesting fact that plants have their own natural ability to regulate their growth independently of Gibberellin, especially during adverse weather conditions by producing a modifying protein called SUMO. This protein interacts with the Gibberellin and removes the barrier to the growth of plants, leading to higher yields, even in extreme weather conditions.

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The Need of “Cover Crops” Farming


The year 2012 has set a record in the 10 hottest year’s list. Shockingly all the top ten have listed during the last 15 years only. Climate change is no more a fear now but a reality that occurred which resulted severe drought in farmlands. United States Department of Agriculture has already declared wheat crop disaster in many areas. It actually damaged the winter wheat crops as it did to corn and soya so far. The theory of rotational crops like corn and soya helps each other fertile has been in jeopardy. Therefore lot of experts think that government should come out to help the farmers with the idea of nitrogen mixing cover crops during the off season with some extra benefits and keep the yield of production intact.

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GMO-Whether a boon or curse of science?


Whether GMO is good or bad still a major debate in biology? While answering a question in such a debate over the subject David Tribe, a geneticist and professor of biotechnology in the University of Melbourne has expressed his views that although a good number of scientists are against the idea, there are also few facts that have to be taken into consideration in its further development. People who support the idea have the facts that it has the advantage of staying out of toxic pesticides which eventually harm both human and animal. Besides killing the hunger, it will also help to fight against some serious diseases occurred due to the malnutrition with mineral and vitamin fortified seed of crops.

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